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Wanting a family is a natural human longing, but many couples face obstacles to that dream. About one third of couples will face infertility.  Many Doctors are unfamiliar with male fertility and even specialists may ignore it or undertreat it.  A referral to the In vitro fertility (IVF) clinic is often the first and only solution offered by doctors.    Vasectomy Reversal USA is the premier fertility clinic whose doctor is amongst the best specialists treating male fertility from Los Angeles to San Diego. Located centrally to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire, Dr. Spitz sees many couples in his fertility clinic for whom he is able to provide an alternative to IVF. We have helped several men with vasectomy reversal in San Diego and surrounding areas.


A previous vasectomy may be the primary reason a couple is infertile and reversing it may seem straight forward, but other aspects of a couple’s health play an important role in the ultimate success of having a baby.  The man’s overall health may impact his sperm production, and the woman’s underlying fertility is an important consideration as well.  Factors such as medications, other medical conditions, previous surgeries, testosterone use and even hot tub use may have a negative impact on sperm production.  Some women may have fertility issues that also need to be addressed or that may even require IVF, and Dr. Spitz coordinates with all the top female fertility clinics in the region.

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In sunny San Diego and image conscious Los Angeles, many patients try to live a healthy lifestyle but aren’t aware that the key to a successful pregnancy may be more related to their age than to how often they go to the gym.  Once a decision to have a child is made its important to move quickly and start researching doctors to locate a top level fertility clinic.

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Although there are many excellent IVF clinics in Southern California, there are only a handful of male fertility specialists from San Diego to Los Angeles.  Dr. Aaron Spitz is distinguished amongst male specialists with numerous awards, publications, leadership positions, but most importantly, happy patients with happy families. Let Dr. Spitz and Vasectomy Reversal USA provide you with the best care available to help you create a happy family too.

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