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As a trusted, experienced physician and expert in male urology and vasectomy reversal, Dr. Aaron Spitz has been asked to share his expertise on numerous media platforms. View a compilation below or click on one of the categories to see individual video segments:

Compilation of Dr. Spitz’s television appearances

Dr. Spitz featured on “The Doctors”
Dr. Spitz explains what causes curvature in a penis


Dr. Spitz explains how to treat and correct curvature in a penis

Dr. Spitz explains Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Spitz explains and demonstrates Peyronie’s Disease further

Dr. Spitz explains the sensitivity of testicles

Dr. Spitz performs a no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy

Dr. Spitz discusses hypospadius

Dr. Spitz discusses “shrinkage”

Dr. Spitz explains semen consistency

Dr. Spitz explains erections

Dr. Spitz explains premature ejaculations

Dr. Spitz explains urinary incontinence

Dr. Spitz diagnoses a third testicle

Dr. Spitz explains why testicles move up into the abdomen

Dr. Spitz discusses the effects of mixing hot sauce and oral sex

Dr. Spitz discusses fantasizing during sex

Dr. Spitz explains vasectomy reversal

Delayed Puberty: Brandon’s Story

Dr. Spitz explains the process of sperm extraction

Dr. Spitz explains possible causes of messy urination

Dr. Spitz explains the relationship between prostate cancer and masturbation

Dr. Spitz discusses post-sex urination

Dr. Spitz discusses sex after a vasectomy

Dr. Spitz explains female secretion during sex

Dr. Spitz performs a testicular exam to determine cause of fertility problems

Dr. Spitz explains how eating berries can help prevent erectile dysfunction

Dr. Spitz helps Cody and Nicole determine what is causing fertility problems

Dr. Spitz helps answer the question, “Does size really matter?”

Dr. Spitz explains ill-timed erections and how to deal with them

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley on their struggle to conceive:

Dr. Spitz explains motorized sperm

Dr. Spitz discusses “zipper nicks”

Dr. Spitz discusses a vasectomy with an “on-off” switch

Dr. Spitz joins the Doctors for a discussion on sex during menstruation

Dr. Spitz discusses the dangers of holding in stool

Dr. Spitz explains how a reverse vasectomy is performed

Dr. Spitz and Dr. Kim use a green light laser surgery to treat enlarged prostate

Dr. Spitz discusses avoiding ingrown hairs “down there”

Dr. Spitz explains why men don’t need to fear vasectomies

Dr. Spitz’s YouTube Q&A Series
Dr. Aaron Spitz focuses on male health issues, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the penis, vasectomies, and more. This series presents what can be uncomfortable topics in a candid and easy-to-understand format. His hope is that viewers can engage with these topics for the betterment of their health. Find the full series here.

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