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Vasectomy Removal Los Angeles

Life brings change and people change their minds. Perhaps you’re getting remarried or you have changed your mind about your vasectomy.  If you are seeking vasectomy removal in Los Angeles or vasectomy removal in Southern California, you have come to the right place. We want to help you have the family you’ve always dreamed of.  Our board-certified urologist is an expert micro surgeon and male infertility expert, and he will work with you to help you grow your family.

We offer free consultations for you and your spouse to come talk with Dr. Aaron Spitz, one of the most highly regarded vasectomy reversal specialists in the country.  We know that when you are evaluating your options for vasectomy removal in Los Angeles or vasectomy removal in Southern California you will have several choices but very few will measure up to the level of expertise, success, and conscientious care offered at Vasectomy Reversal USA, Our offices are conveniently located in Laguna Hills and Irvine just adjacent to such attractions as Disneyland and world famous art festivals and shorelines of Laguna Beach. Our team for vasectomy removal in Southern California goes above and beyond to get you the result you’re looking for. From the initial consultation to the birth of your baby, we will make sure that your fertility health is optimized.  Prior to the procedure we will ensure you are ready for a successful vasectomy removal. In Southern California we are known for being health conscious and Vasectomy Reversal USA is no exception. Dr. Spitz will provide insight into healthy diet and lifestyle choices that maximize sperm health.

Once you are ready, our personnel will ensure a timely date for your vasectomy removal.  In Los Angeles life can move quickly and we do our best to work with your busy schedule.  You will need to take an appropriate amount of time off to ensure a safe and effective recovery. The vasectomy removal is an outpatient procedure and you are able to go home after the procedure is over.  For those traveling in from out of town for vasectomy removal in Los Angeles, our center is conveniently located minutes from John Wayne Airport and easily accessible from LAX.

Following your vasectomy removal, Dr. Spitz will continue to monitor you closely, following your sperm counts regularly until your baby is born.  Pregnancy may not occur right away but we monitor your sperm counts regularly so you can understand how you are progressing until the point of conception.

Vasectomy Removal Southern California

According to statistics, vasectomy reversals are requested by up to 12 percent of men who have previously undergone a vasectomy procedure. Although the demand is high, same day appointments are available for you to visit with or have a telephone consultation with Dr. Spitz.

Many men do not realize they actually can have a successful vasectomy removal. They believe that after a certain amount of time it cannot work. This is a common myth about vasectomy removal.  In Southern California, you have access to one of the very best centers for microsurgery and we have helped men become fathers again naturally over 25 years after a vasectomy.  There is some relationship to success and how long it has been since a vasectomy, but it almost always remains an opportunity for having a child naturally.

For couples who need or prefer in-vitro fertility, Dr. Spitz performs sperm retrieval and coordinates care with all the best in-vitro fertility clinics in Southern California. With Vasectomy Reversal USA, sperm retrieval is nearly one hundred percent successful any time after a vasectomy, and the technique Dr. Spitz uses allows for more sperm to be harvested so usually only one procedure is ever needed.  The procedure is brief and the recovery is quick.

Building your family after a vasectomy is a major life choice. So it is your choice of the team that will help you reach that goal.  Contact Dr. Aaron Spitz to begin your evaluation for vasectomy removal.  In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, we are well known for providing the highest level of expertise.  We provide the most advanced microsurgical procedures for vasectomy removal as well as the best techniques for sperm harvesting.  Dr. Spitz performs vasovasostomy, vasoepididymostomy, testicular sperm extraction (TESE), percutaneous sperm extraction (PESA), and microsurgical sperm aspiration (MESA).  He will determine with you which advanced technique will best meet your goals of fatherhood and partner with you along the way.

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