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When you are faced with infertility there can be so many unanswered questions. Dr. Aaron Spitz is our nationally regarded male infertility specialist who can provide answers.  We understand what you are going through.  At our conveniently located Irvine fertility clinic, we provide a thorough and complete evaluation to successfully determine the root causes of your infertility, and we have the medical treatments and microsurgical procedures in place to restore your fertility.

No procedure can be 100% guaranteed, but Dr. Spitz’s expertise provides the highest probability of successful natural conception. At the Irvine fertility clinic, we’ll take a close look at your medical history to understand any and all underlying conditions that may need to be addressed to ensure your success at becoming a father. Other health conditions, medications, recreational substances, toxic exposures, childhood illnesses or surgeries, and one’s family history can be significant in understanding how fertile a man may be.

At the Irvine fertility clinic you will receive a careful physical examination. Subtle findings such as increased male breast tissue or changes in body hair distribution can be clues of underlying infertility.  Some common conditions that cause infertility such as abnormal blood supply of the testicles or abnormal ducts that carry sperm may, in some cases, only be detected by the hands of a highly skilled specialist such as Dr. Spitz.

In some instances laboratory tests will be recommended.  Blood testing for male hormone levels such as testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone can provide insight into how much sperm production may be expected.  Advanced testing on the semen may be important in certain circumstances such as unexplained infertility, or a suspicion of antibodies forming against the sperm.

Ultrasound evaluation may be required in select cases.  We provide state of the art Doppler ultrasonography at our fertility clinic. This evaluation reveals abnormalities of the testicles and their blood vessels.  Occasionally it may be important for us to provide an ultrasound evaluation of a man’s prostate as part of his work up.

After completing a comprehensive evaluation at the Irvine fertility clinic you will be provided with a treatment plan.  For men with vasectomies, any additional factors that may interfere with successful vasectomy reversal surgery will have been considered and additional treatment may be recommended.  For men with very low sperm production, sperm retrieval surgeries can be performed for use with in-vitro fertility treatments that can allow success for even the most hard to treat couples.

Dr. Spitz has lectured nationally about his procedures, and he has established a reputation for being a top vasectomy reversal surgeon and male infertility specialist in the country. He can provide answers and offer the greatest degree of success for men trying to start a family.

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