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At Vasectomy Reversal USA, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of starting a family.  We strive to enable you and your partner to conceive naturally.  There are many female fertility clinics in South Orange County from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach, CA.  Vasectomy Reversal USA is unique as a fertility clinic that treats men and underlying male infertility issues.  Our male infertility expert, Dr. Aaron Spitz, is a nationally renowned vasectomy reversal expert.

Your evaluation begins with a thorough interview and physical examination.  If you live far outside of the Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, CA area, a telephone consultation can easily be arranged.  There are a variety of factors that may cause male infertility, some obvious and some hidden.  Dr. Spitz will ensure that your case is carefully evaluated so that any factors that may interfere with your success are addressed.  Typically when you visit a fertility clinic, the man’s evaluation begins and ends with a semen analysis.  Dr. Aaron Spitz provides a more comprehensive evaluation that may include a variety of other laboratory and imaging studies.  In select cases, hormone blood testing may be recommended as well as genetic screening and even ultrasound examinations.  The goal is to understand your fertility challenges and your fertility potential from the very beginning.

A man may be fertile earlier in his life and have children easily but, following his vasectomy an underlying or newly developed male infertility factor may reduce his sperm production leading to a poorer than expected result with a vasectomy reversal.  Testosterone supplementation, which is widely prescribed, often shuts down sperm production, but this can be reversed.  Previous chemotherapy may impair fertility, as well as the presence of varicose veins known as varicoceles.  Some medications have a negative impact on sperm production over time.  In a few cases, a man may in fact require a sperm retrieval procedure and In Vitro fertility if his sperm production is too low for natural conception or if his partner has female infertility factors that require reproductive assistance.  Vasectomy Reversal USA works closely with all the In Vitro fertility clinics in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, CA to coordinate care when necessary.

For the vast majority of couples seeking to start a family after a vasectomy, vasectomy reversal surgery is the preferred option.  Various factors go into the decision including risks, costs and success rate.  Although some of the highest pregnancy rates in the nation are achieved at a top In Vitro fertility clinic in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, CA, natural birth rates with vasectomy reversal surgery at the hands of Dr. Aaron Spitz are competitive while at a fraction of the cost and at no risk to the woman.

We invite you to have a consultation with Dr. Aaron Spitz and find out more about your fertility potential and which treatment option is the best for you and your partner.  Our purpose at Vasectomy Reversal USA is to apply our compassion, expertise and skill to help you fulfill your dreams of fatherhood.

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